• Our Logistics systems spans from Hamburg to the South China sea coast and is one of the most efficient among the biggest players on our market
  • For inbound logistics we partner with the largest international forwarders
  • Orders are managed by a centralized supply chain management system
  • The primary point for entry of goods are our distribution centers in Astana, Ekaterinburg, Kiev, Minsk, Moscow and Tianjin, all operated with the help of a standardized WMS solution
  • The total storage capacity is 250 000 sq. m. of floor space in a total of 12 distribution centers in Europe, China and the CIS
  • Our largest distribution center receives 8 000 containers per year and can unload 700 000 units per 24h with the help of an fully automated sorter system for apparel
  • It is equipped by a conveyor belt more than 15 kilometers long in total, processing up to 1500 boxes per hour
  • Mass picking as well as pick-to-light and put-to-light technologies keep overall capacity as well as order accuracy and picking efficiency at a high level
  • Transport and deliveries are managed by a TMS solution