Vision, Mission
& Values

Our vision

Be a leading sporting goods multichannel retailer.

Be highly successful, efficient, competitive and robust on the worldwide market.

Our Mission

To develop a successful business by always offering to our customers an optimal range of quality products for sports and outdoor activities, with the optimum level of service and in accordance with the changing needs of our customers.

To contribute to the improvement of the nation’ health through activating the values of a healthy lifestyle, sports and outdoor activities and by improving the quality of life of our customers.

Our Values

Team spirit

We are a team!
We are like-minded professionals, sharing common goals and philosophy.

We are inspired by the opportunity of realizing ourselves through achievement of our company’s goals.

Each and every one of us is a unique individual. We respect and value one another, complementing one another in the team. We know how to listen attentively and hear our colleagues. We work in an atmosphere of openness, trust, mutual assistance and support.

Common goals and objectives unite us. We actively debate ideas in full understanding that it is the only way to establish the truth. Even when discussing the most difficult and controversial questions, we strive to find common ground, making consensus-based decisions.

We understand that all our strategic victories and achievements, as well as failures, are common ones. We share common responsibility for business results. We never avoid personal responsibility.


We never stop at what has been achieved.

It is inherent our corporate culture to never settle for the status quo. We demand a lot from ourselves. We fully understand that there is always room for better results and higher efficiencies.

In both daily routine work and special projects, each and every one of us demonstrates initiative and engagement, constantly identifying and remedying any inefficiency to optimize our business processes.

We constantly move forward, predicting changes in the competitive business environment and evaluating external factors to stay ahead of the curve. We carefully plan our development to ensure the timely allocation of necessary resources to meet new challenges.


We plan for the future to create a business which is successful not only for today, but for the years to come.

We understand that sustainable success cannot be achieved without implementation of modern advanced technologies, systems and solutions.

That is why even in our everyday work we are looking for ways to optimize the procedures and processes, actively implementing new technological solutions.

We recognize that change is the only constant. Therefore, we embrace changes and drive innovation for the betterment of our business. We continually look out for industry ‘best practices’ measuring and benchmarking ourselves against the best in the industry. Designing bespoke solutions to build a sustainable competitive advantage for the long term.

Focus on results

We manage by objectives and results.

Every one of our actions is focused on achieving a meaningful concrete result for the company. Our supervisors always set for their subordinates clear tasks with clearly defined expected results and provide the necessary resources to achieve the set goals.

We constantly work to improve on productivity, both at the personal and team level and, ultimately, at the corporate level. With each step and decision, we seek to improve the operational efficiency of our business.

Working our daily tasks and chores we never lose sight of tomorrow, seeds of the future growth are being planted today.