Vision, Mission
& Values

Our vision

Be a leading sporting goods multichannel retailer.

Be highly successful, efficient, competitive and robust on the worldwide market.

Our mission

  • To develop a successful business by offering our consumers a relevant range of quality sports and active leisure goods with the right level of service

  • To contribute to people's health, promote values of a healthy lifestyle, sports and active leisure and to improve our customers’ quality of life

Our philosophy

We maintain our position of being a politically neutral company
Our strategy is Win-win
Our tenets are: Friendship, Partnership, Trust and Sincerity
We value our reputation. We build partnerships with integrity. We firmly and consistently uphold company interests.
Our business is built on strategic success and independence
We focus on long term planning while ensuring stable profitability and steady growth
We use vertically integrated business model
We focus on capital employed efficiency and use available resources and technologies to support new business opportunities
Our objective is to gain leadership across all our geographic markets
To manage risks effectively we put sustainability to external factors into the core of our business structure
We thirst for knowledge
We constantly check out and learn from best-practices in the industry all around the world
We analyse best cases to find proven success factors and explore them as a vehicle for improving the way we operate across the globe
We are always looking to pave our own way and know how to focus on priorities essential to our business
People are our key asset
We always keep corporate spirit high
Our people develop parallel with the company
We nurture efficiency and productivity among employees
We offer recognition and support for result-oriented team members, who share our values and vision